'I am really starting to hate Mac OS X' says Tim O'Reilly

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Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media and general guru for the last 30 plus years, opened a rant storm when he complained about Apple's Mac OS X. Surprise: many agree.

Starting out blasting Mac OS X for getting "more Windows-like in it's obscurity," and more, O'Reilly discusses the difficulty of getting his archived mail from his Mac now that he's switched to Google Mail. Can't delete the old mail except one page of messages at a time, page after page, for thousand of clicks. He claims Lion is worse than Snow Leopard, which was worse than Leopard, etc. Problems aren't fixed, but new "gloss" is added all the time.

O'Reilly believes there is "an opportunity for a new, simple, clean OS to come along," but then he's a supporter of Open Source Software, so take that into account. But the reactions from the Mac crowd were surprisingly muted, and the Open Source Linux crowd showed some restraint as well. Could people be getting rational about operating systems now?

Tim is right

Simple, clean OS - I think BeOS tried that a while back.

Howard C. Shaw III on plus.google.com

I came from a windows background, tinkered with Linux for a few years on and off, and when I started my current job I was given a Macbook Pro. After a few months of using it I as so frustrated, and found myself spending more and more time in my Ubuntu virtual machine,

megamark16 on news.ycombinator.com

Ouch. Looks like the cat's out now. That feeling has been building in me for a while - around the time the first iPhone batteries started dying en-masse, Apple's tarnish began to grow.

Daniel Cardenas on plus.google.com

My main draw to Apple was how nice their products looked, but as time goes on other companies are making nicer products as well that is making me start thinking of just selling my Mac and finding a nice PC… not to mention Windows is even much nicer now with Windows 7…. when I left PC for Mac it was the age of Vista…

Chris on red-slice.com

I currently use OS X for all my work and for personal/home use. But I have to agree with the sentiment. I have had nothing but praise for Apple and OS X up until Lion release. But this year has been a major turning point.

super_mario on news.ycombinator.com

Apple is right

I'm not saying that Apple's way is innovative but I say we are all better off if OS manufacturers try difference things to come up with better way of presenting UI.

highwind81 on news.ycombinator.com

OS X obviously isn’t for you.

ugh on news.ycombinator.com

Having had a "I really am starting to dislike Mac OS X, but Windows 8 looks pretty good!" revelation, I started to use Windows 7. I came back after about a week and told Mac OS X I'd never leave it again.

Lewisham on news.ycombinator.com

Suggestions for Tim

I have recently installed Windows 7 and I really enjoy it. I don't think I could switch from OS X yet, but if the trends in each operating system continue it's not inconceivable in the future.

Brian Ramsay on plus.google.com

FWIW, if he wants to back up his mail before deleting it, the supported way to do it would be to select the mailbox in Mail.app itself and select Export Mailbox…

js2 on news.ycombinator.com

I was left wondering why didn't he just export his mailbox. Or add his GMail account to Mail.app and just drag and drop his old inbox into his new Google inbox. There is absolutely no 'lock-in' with Apple's Mail client.

willifred on news.ycombinator.com

Full disclosure: I wrote one book for O'Reilly, and have talked to Tim on the phone, but never met him.

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