Morning countdown: Betrayed by an itchy Twitter finger

Plus: Have you lost your open source idealism?

  1. Chris Nerney: Ashton Kutcher betrayed by itchy Twitter finger [ITworld]
  2. U.S. House braces for hearing on anti-piracy bill [ITworld]
  3. Is an iOS 5 battery revolt brewing? [ITworld]
  4. 200 millionth piece of cloud-based malware tallied [ITworld]
  5. Kevin Fogarty: Violence traced to lack of violent video games [ITworld]
  6. Peter Smith: High hopes for Google+ pages [ITworld]
  7. How's that outsourcing deal working out for you? [ITworld]
  8. Warner Brothers abusing DMCA takedown rules [ITworld]
  9. Oracle to pay $35M to employees in overtime settlement [ITworld]
  10. Brian Proffitt: Remember when FLOSS was going to change the world? [ITworld]
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