Android sales top iPhone, sell majority of smart phones last quarter

Smart phone sales last quarter saw Apple's iPhone percentage drop down to 15 percent as Android's share jumped to 52.5 percent of global sales.

Of course, Apple is one company, while Android, pushed by Google, powers phones made by Motorola (now owned by Google), Samsung, and HTC. Their combined market share percentage share doubled from the year before, while iPhone sales were likely slowed by users waiting for the iPhone 4S to arrive. Rounding out the major OS players, RIM (Blackberry) dropped down to 11 percent, while Microsoft Windows Phone sales slumped to 1.5 percent share of sales.

Apple fans point out they have a limited number of models to choose from and only one company building their phones. True. They also point out the iPhone grew in total number of phones shipped, which is also true. But as the numbers of smart phones sold each quarter increase, Apple may find their percentage slowly sinking. Some of those fans don't take that well.

Race ain't over

Let's see what these organizations all say in January and February, when they are 2 months late with what we already know: this Q's surprise will be commensurate with last Q's disappointment.

thompr on

They lost market share and yet somehow they still manage to make billions of dollars...whatever will they do?

j1h15233 on

Apple sliding

Apple will see a boost with the 4s and then it will continue it's marketshare slide downwards.

Andrew-Maria Fe Camaya O'Neill on

You're clearly confused. iOS makes developers boat loads of money. The only reason Android has the market share is because they give phones away for free and have been since day one. iOS is the leader in terms of content and will be for a long time to come.

Matty on

Every time Android adoption is shown to be accelerating, people make excuses about how it's short lived, but it keeps growing and leaving Apple further behind in market share.

bstring on

This kind of spin is nauseating. It's early 80s Mac vs PC all over again. Who cares if the COMBINED market share of a bunch of PCs that happen to share the "DOS" OS is higher, right? The iPhone had zero chance of being the dominant mobile platform. But make no mistake, marketshare is important. Marketshare is what relegated Mac to niche status for decades.

Asherian on

Sour grapes

Android might never have gotten "off the ground" in the first place had the iPhone had been multi carrier from day one.

Obama on

Outside of the US iOS (iPhones) is available on a limited number of carriers. That skews the numbers dramatically. If you want to see how AOS stacks up to sales of iOS you must look at each individual carrier that offers both platforms and then draw your conclusions from there.

ljm54 on

Who really cares? Anroid is available on what, 70+ phones in the US alone, and iOS... 3? They should have a big lead. In fact, it should be by even more.

nhbeast on

Once you change the pricing structure, and offer free, cheap or two-for-one Android or RIM phones, then the price difference will make many consumers buy what would be otherwise their second choice


Will Apple's iPhone settle in the “10 percent or less” sales category, where Mac sales usually rate versus the PC, or will Apple expand distribution enough to bump up their market share?

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