Samsung's Galaxy Nexus ships in the UK, still MIA in the US

Yesterday the Galaxy Nexus went on sale in the UK. According to some rumors, it was to have gone on sale here in the US as well, but that didn't happen, and worse, we still have no idea when it'll go on sale here.

But it feels like we're inching forward towards a release date. Google is now providing technical specs and other information, though I suppose they'd more or less have to if the phone is on sale somewhere. They've also made a TV ad:

Unsurprisingly the ad makes the phone look magical!

But let's come back to earth. The news is still pretty good. Another embargo lifted yesterday I guess, because suddenly hands-on articles started popping up. I liked JR Raphael's over at Computerworld, but you might also try Engadget (with video) or TechCrunch. I'm sure there are others.

These hands-on are all based on the HSPA+ version of the phone, and not the pending LTE version that Verizon will be rolling out, but presumably the differences will be minimal.

Anyway, these reports are encouraging. Early concerns about the screen seem to have been unwarranted, the changes in Ice Cream Sandwich seem to be generally welcome, and no one is complaining that the phone is awkward or bulky or too big. Good news, right?

Now all we need is a US release date, Verizon! Let's go...I've got money burning a hole in my pocket!

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