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Speaky Bluetooth car speakerphone, by Bluetrek

The Bluetooth speakerphone that normally attaches to the driver's side visor gets an upgrade with the it-may-be-too-cute-for some Speaky - at first glance, it looks like a tiny fat baby (or Ziggy), but inside is a Bluetooth speakerphone that provides hands-free cell phone calls. Speaky comes in either black or pink designs, and quickly connects via Bluetooth to your cell phone. If you leave the system powered on, every time you enter the car, it finds your phone and says "Hi, what's up?" when connected. In fact, my kids started answering Speaky whenever they were in the car and it started talking to us. In fact, Speaky has an impressive set of words and voice prompts, it can tell you when it needs a charge ("Please charge me up!") or if it loses the Bluetooth connection ("I lost your phone!").

The system also comes with a cigarette adapter charger, and an auxiliary headphone jack if you want to use Speaky to connect an iPod/iPhone for music purposes. Since I already have an AUX jack on my car stereo, I didn't see the need for this, but for cars that don't have the AUX jack, you could utilize Speaky in this way. The system also came with a nice Velcro base that you could stick onto the dashboard quite easily.

Overall this is a speaker system that's geared towards users who may not be familiar with more advanced Bluetooth car speaker systems, or for kids or others who want to have some fun (in fact, you could take Speaky out of the car and use it as a Bluetooth speaker system for music). It may be too cute for your husband or other power user on your list, but for others (teens, kids, grandparents), it might be a perfect fit.

Cool Yule rating: 5 starsPrice: $69.95Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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