Cool gifts for geeks, 2011: Smartphones and accessories

Presenting the gems that will enhance your smartphones during the holidays.

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i4 Charging Station, by IDAPT

Another device aimed at reducing the cable clutter from your phones, gaming devices, music players and other electronic gadgets, the i4 Charging Station provides three pod-like areas (plus one USB port) to let users recharge up to four devices. Each pod gets fitted with an adapter tip that inserts into the pod hole, allowing for flexibility on the part of users to pick-and-choose which devices they want to recharge. The system comes with six different adapter tips (iPod/iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, microUSB, miniUSB), which easily pop in and out of the main base station. The USB port also had enough juice to recharge my iPad 2 via its adapter cable, so we're not completely cable/clutter-free, but we're getting closer.

As families start gathering more gadgets for their life, eliminating the power cable clutter is an issue they'll likely face. I also like how the system is a bit future-proof, as new adapter tips come out they should be able to make an adapter to fit the system. The company says the system works with more than 4,000 devices, so the chances are good that it will work with your device.

Cool Yule rating: 5 stars
Price: $60 for station (with six different tips; additional tips cost about $10 each)
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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