Cool gifts for geeks, 2011: Health & fitness tech treasures

Get off the couch and start working out with these cool gadgets!

Making a big comeback in this year's holiday gift guide is the health and fitness category. Whether you're just starting out on the path of exercise, or are a veteran athlete, the number of consumer electronics products dedicated to a person's health has increased steadily over the past few years. Here are some of our favorites that can make a good gift under the tree for your favorite fitness enthusiast:

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Products reviewed in this category:

Sport Elite muscle stimulator, by Compex

Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headset, by Jabra

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock, by iHealth

SensoGlove by Sensosolutions

Sport i-20 sport strap, by Armpocket

BioBrite Sunrise Controller, by BioBrite

TCL 200 Digital Alarm Clock with Vibration Pad, by Amplicom

Sunrise Alarm Clock Advanced, by BioBrite

Zeo Sleep Manager - Mobile, by Zeo, Inc.

SPIbelt Messenger Bag, by Overton Enterprises

The reviews:

Sport Elite muscle stimulator, by Compex

This device is a small portable electrical muscle stimulator that can help people with their workouts, both for warmup or post-workout muscle recovery purposes. If you've been working out for a while, or if you're just starting out and need something to help your muscles recover faster, this device can help.

The device comes with a number of different programs, including ones that help with endurance, resistance, muscle strength or "explosive strength", as well as warmups, recovery and a massage program. The device comes with four color-coded cables that you attach the snap-on/sticky electrodes, along with instructions on how to attach the electrodes and use the device.

At $849, this is an expensive purchase for a person who may be just starting out on a fitness program, and you may feel that if you're not an elite athlete that this isn't for you. But I disagree - one of the hardest things to do when beginning a workout program is the recovery time for your muscles. If there's a device that can help you recover faster, you're more likely to stick with the program, getting you even more benefits to get you to that next level. That is definitely worth it.

Cool Yule rating: 5 stars
Price: $849
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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