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Wormhole KM Switch, by J5 Create

Getting a new computer is fun, but then the hard part sinks in when you try to figure out how to get all of your photos, music, videos and documents from the old computer to the new one. We've seen devices that help extract the files from an internal hard drive, but you'd think it would be easier than that. What would be great is a cable that connects between the old computer and the new computer, allowing you to drag and drop files and folders in a matter of seconds. 

That's the main aim of the Wormhole KM Switch from J5 Create. The "switch" is really just a 6-foot USB cable, and the process goes just like you would think - connect one port to the old computer, connect the other side to the new computer, and you're all set. Some software installs on each computer, allowing for the connection to allow the file transfer between the two computers. I haven't seen an easier method for getting files from one computer to another than this device. 

Some side benefits - you can use a keyboard and mouse on one computer to control the second computer - for example, maybe the second computer is a smaller netbook or tablet that doesn't have a good keyboard and mouse option. You can also copy something to the clipboard on one machine and paste it on the second. 

The only downside on this - it only works with Windows PCs (Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000). I would have loved if I could transfer files from a Windows PC to a Macintosh, or between two Macs. Perhaps we'll see a universal model that works with both systems soon. 

Cool Yule rating: 4 stars
Price: $19.99 (
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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