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Wormhole Station, by J5 Create

Like the Wormhole KM Switch, the Wormhole Station allows connection between two Windows PC, creating an instant link so you can drag-and-drop files and folders from one computer to the other. This also allows keyboard and mouse control on the second computer, good for systems like netbooks or tablets that might not have a good keyboard or mouse.

Unlike the switch (which is just two USB cables), the larger Wormhole Station acts as a docking station for the first system as well (geared towards notebooks, but I suppose you could use this with a desktop as well), giving additional USB ports and three card reader slots (MicroSD, SD/MMC and MemoryStick). The two extra USB slots are nice to have, especially when using with a smaller notebook that limits the number of USB ports on its system.

As I mentioned with the Wormhole KM Switch, this is the easiest and fastest way to move files from one system to another, and would be a nice addition if you are getting a new PC. In addition to the file transfer, you can share a clipboard (copy on one computer, paste on the second), or just use one mouse to control the two systems.

My biggest complaint with this is that this only works with Windows systems - it would be nice for the software to work with mixed systems (one Mac, one Windows), or even a Mac version that could transfer between two Macs. Hopefully that's a future product.

If you're looking to just do file transfer between two systems, go with the less expensive KM Switch version. If you need the additional functionality of extra USB ports and a card reader, this is the one for you.

Cool Yule rating: 5 stars
Price: $99 (
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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