Cool gifts for geeks, 2011: Portable entertainment

Presenting the gems in portable entertainment.

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Zipbuds earphones, by Digital Group Audio

These earbuds have a unique design and concept that help eliminate the problem of tangled cords for earbud owners. The majority of the cables are formed out of an integrated plastic zipper, which is extremely resistant to tangles compared to other earphone cabling. The earbuds themselves fit inside your ears, providing a noise-cancellation effect when listening to music, and the earphones come with three different ear tips to let you try to find a perfect fit, which should improve comfort (larger earbud tips tend to hurt my ears). The sound quality of the earphones was good, I didn't notice any particular bad sound when trying these out with my iPhone.

The Zipbuds come in different colors (blue, black, pink and combinations of those three colors) - for some reason we were sent a purple version but we couldn't find that for sale on the web site (maybe we're special).

If you know someone on your list who is always trying to untangle their earbud cables, the Zipbuds can eliminate that frustration.

Cool Yule rating 3 stars
Price: $39.99
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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