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People Get Ready earphones, by The House of Marley

If you're a fan of the late Bob Marley, you'll be very impressed by The House of Marley offerings, which offer Marley-themed products like headphones, earphones and speaker docks for fans. The company is also offering eco-friendly products, many of the devices are created from sustainable, renewable or recyclable products (including the packaging).

The People Get Ready earphones are part of the company's Jamming collection, "where fun meets form and function." Created out of eco-friendly material and recycled plastics, the in-ear headphones provide for deep bass (20 Hz to 20+kHz), a 10mm driver and 160 ohms impedance. The earbuds come with small, medium or large silicone ear tips that let you find the most comfortable tip (unfortunately, the samples we received only came with one size). A 52-inch fabric cord aims to help reduce tangle issues, but we found we were able to get these tangled quite easily. On the other hand, it was a very colorful, Jamaican-flag themed color. Speaking of colors, you can choose from three colors here - we had the Midnight pair, but you can also get royal (purple tips), roots (pistachio), and Rasta (chocolate). The brown wood-style on the outside of the earbuds was attractive.

These would be a great fit for any Marley- or eco-conscious music lover on your gift list, as long as they don't mind wearing in-ear earbuds.

Cool Yule rating 4 stars
Price: $39.99
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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