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Rock-IT 2.0 portable vibration speaker, by OrigAudio

This is the second version of OrigAudio's portable vibration speaker, which can basically turn any object into a speaker for your portable music player. The device fits in your hand and includes a vibration head that you unwind from the rest of the device. A sticky pad on the vibration head can then be placed on any object to create your speaker, but the company recommends something that is hollow - we found it worked best with empty boxes and bowls (concave openings also seemed to work well). After connecting the other cable to our portable music player, you can then hear the sound quite well as if you had connected your iPod or iPhone to an actual speaker system. Again, depending on the sound of the object you connect it to, the sound produced will be louder or quieter.

The device runs on two AAA batteries - it was a little difficult getting the battery case open initially, but other than that I had no real problems with the device. The package comes with two additional sticky pads should your original one wear out. There's also a USB cable if you want to power the device off of your notebook instead of the batteries.

If you don't want to carry around a heavier or larger portable speaker system and you have an empty box, bowl, cup or even a garbage can just lying around, you can turn it into a speaker quite easily.

Cool Yule rating: 5 stars
Price: $50
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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