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People Get Ready headphones - Redemption Song version, by The House of Marley

These ear buds converted my boyfriend to an ear bud user. He's never a fan of something being inside his ears, but he actually found these to be quite comfortable, and the material was a little more breathable than most. Most important for him though - as a very picky, musically oriented guy - the sound quality was a 4 out of 5.

These ear buds produced a good low range and a solid mid-range and treble. However, he prefers to listen to music at an ear drum shattering volume and he found that these weren't able to handle the really loud volumes very well. The bass was first to distort at high volumes, mid and treble distort afterwards but at roughly the same rate as each other. However, even at a relatively low volume, the buds block outside sounds well, especially the sounds of other commuters on the bus.

The biggest detractor from the sound quality at an average level though, was the material of the cords. The cords are wrapped in thread. Whenever the cord touches itself or comes in contact with your shirt or a bag, that sound travels up the cord and into the headphones, often giving a weird feedback. Additionally, I tried running while wearing these headphones but they wouldn't stay in my ears long enough to walk down my four porch steps.

The novelty of these is of course the Marley tie in. I'm sure most fans of Bob Marley would have a good time listening to the sound quality, but also enjoy the Rastafarian theme.

Cool Yule rating: 4 stars
Price: $100
Reviewed by Jennifer Finn

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