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NuGuard GripBase and GripStand 2 (iPad 2 version tested), by Newer Technology

These are two devices for your iPad or iPad 2 that give you a protective case as well as a viewing stand for placement on a desktop. The first device you'll need is the GripStand, either for the iPad or iPad 2. The GripStand provides a hard plastic shell for the outside of the iPad tablet, securing in place with rubber corner areas. The GripStand also includes a hand strap for users that want to walk around with their tablet, and a small base also is included that can adjust to be a viewing stand for the tablet.

If you want the tablet to be even more stable, you can add the GripBase, which provides a more solid base than the back of the GripStand. The GripBase still allows for 360-degree rotation for landscape/portrait mode, and the angle also adjusts low enough for you to use the iPad for typing. It also can spin around if you want. The design of the GripBase and GripStand includes release levers that detach the shell from the base station, letting users bring their tablet with them if they want.

The combination of the GripStand and GripBase seems designed for companies within the healthcare industry, in which multiple users need to use the same device, perhaps in a high-traffic area (although there doesn't seem to be a way to lock/secure the base or the tablet). The GripBase is definitely more solid than the GripStand2, which seems geared more for portability (holding it on your hand) than on a desktop.

Cool Yule rating: 4 stars
Price: $39.99 (for the bundle)
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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