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Crayola ColorStudio HD and iMarker stylus, by Griffin Technology

There's a bunch of great coloring book type apps for the iPad (I know, my kids have tried most of them), but this one is fully sanctioned by Crayola, and works with Griffin's iMarker stylus. The stylus acts like a giant crayon, offering kids the chance to color and "paint" on the iPad app without using their fingers all the time. The iMarker can act as a crayon, colored pencil, marker or even a paintbrush on the app.

The app is pretty good, although the addition of animation makes it kind of annoying sometimes when you just want to color. Younger children also seemed to have a problem with the stylus - you still need to press down pretty hard for the color to register from the stylus, and for them, their fingers are easier and preferred. But older kids (say, 7 to 10) will likely do just fine with the iMarker.

Cool Yule rating: 4 stars
Price: $29.99 (app is free, and works without the stylus)
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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