Cool gifts for geeks, 2011: Tablet accessories

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iGuy, by Speck Products

If your children get as much entertainment (or more) from your iPad or iPad 2 as you do, why not dress it up with a fun and colorful case like the iGuy from Speck Products? This foam case can stand on its own two legs, and has two "arms" as well that kids can hold onto for extra support when they're using the iPad or iPad 2. The foam provides a layer of protection in case the kids drop the tablet on the ground, and it comes in three color options - green (makes it look like Gumby), blue or orange. A couple of concerns - first, for apps that require a vertical orientation, the iGuy doesn't stand up on his own, it becomes a bit awkward compared to horizontal apps. Second, connecting a charging cable while the iPad is in the iGuy can be a bit tricky, might take some jiggling/jostling of the cable.

Cool Yule rating: 4 stars
Price: $39.95
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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