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Acme Writing Tools, by Acme Studios

At first glance you might say, "this is just a pen!" and for the most part you'd be right. However, these are pens with design and style! For example, the ones we got had a design by the late Verner Tanton, a famed Danish designer. From a "technical" standpoint, the "writing tools" are two pens - one is a ballpoint pen and the other is a rollerball ink style. We also received an alternate front section that could replace the rollerball ink with a capacitive tip (kind of like a nub), which lets you use the pen as a writing tool for an iPad, iPhone or other touch-enabled device.

Because of the amount of writing that I do, nice pens are usually lost on me, which means I also usually lose them easily (in the wash, in the junk drawer, in the car, etc.). Buying me an expensive pen might not cut it, but if you have someone on your list who enjoys finer pens in their work, head to the Acme Studios Web site and check out some of their other designers and styles.

Cool Yule rating: 3 stars
Price: $130
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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