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AppSpeed Gyro Controlled RC Monster Truck, by Dexim

Just in case you thought you had seen everything that an iPhone (or iPod touch) could do, here comes Dexim and its iOS-device controlled monster truck toy. The package includes a small RF adapter that you plug into the bottom of your iPhone/iPod/iPad, along with a quick-charge battery charger for the toy monster truck (it's powered by four AAA batteries). The free app (AppSpeed) is used to drive the truck - you can either use your fingers to move the truck forward, backward and make turns, or you can use the accelerometer on the i-device and tilt left, right, down and back to drive the truck. I preferred using the touch app, it was a bit easier to maneuver the truck around this way. There's also some preset modes that let you do three things with the truck - you can make it spin, do zig zags, or even dance to music on the app.

It's a cute little system, and would be recommended for people on your lists who already have an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, and who enjoy playing with RF toys (such as my 10-year-old nephew).

Cool yule rating: 4 stars
Price $69.90 (list)
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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