Morning countdown: Why go to a conference?

Plus: Google sneaks Google+ onto Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. Kevin Fogarty: Negligence leaves cell phones vulnerable [ITworld]
  2. $25 app gift card to save Windows Phone 7 [ITworld]
  3. Google blase about Android malware, security experts worried [ITworld]
  4. Oracle sticks its latest Weblogic app server on the cloud [ITworld]
  5. Chris Nerney: Future tablet buyers curious about the Fire [ITworld]
  6. Brian Proffitt: GPL violations aren't that scary [ITworld]
  7. Bill Gates to testify in long-running Microsoft-Novell lawsuit [ITworld]
  8. Adobe promises to bring doomed mobile Flash to Ice Cream Sandwich [ITworld]
  9. Sneaky feature in Android 4.0 will net thousands of new Google+ users [ITworld]
  10. Eric Bloom: Why go to a tech conference? [ITworld]
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