Microsoft's thoroughly resistible free apps offer for Windows phones

Redmond tries to stoke interest in smartphones with $25 app card

Really, Microsoft?

In a Windows Phone blog post, Redmond announced:

Pssst! Pass it on: Through the end of the year, we’re giving a prepaid $25 app card to anybody who buys one of the great new Windows Phones now on sale. The prepaid card makes it easy to jump start a new app or game collection.

If you’re thinking of leaving your current smartphone (I won’t mention any names) for a Windows Phone, the new offer (good in the U.S. and Puerto Rico) also makes it easier to replace apps you’ve already paid for.

This fantastic, life-changing offer is good only through December 31.

Google and Apple won't even know what hit them after Microsoft's big $25 offer shakes up the smartphone market forever! It's only a matter of time before Android and iOS are staring up at Microsoft's Windows juggernaut, wondering what happened.

I'll tell you what happened: $25 in free apps, that's what happened!


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