Black Friday goes viral video crazy

Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black help hype up made-up holiday

As we approach the Black Friday "holiday", where retailers hope we turn into blathering idiots who are willing to trample over our fellow human beings just to get a $20 TV, we're now seeing more hype in terms of Internet videos (as well as TV commercials) that are aiming to go viral. We used to see this kind of effort only during the Super Bowl, but I guess Black Friday is now the Super Bowl of Shopping.

Witness the "king" of viral videos, Justin Bieber, in this ad for Macy's:

The folks at Kohl's have made this video, a "Black Friday" version of Rebecca Black's viral song, "Friday":

I'm not the target audience for these videos, or Black Friday even (I usually sleep in and do nothing on that day), but it's interesting to see retailers try to get some viral hits to help promote the day (even if it is made up). Unfortunately, all of this hype only helps to create situations like the video below, where people end up stampeding on each other. Ironically, creating more viral video hits:

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