Prepare for Thanksgiving by watching turkey fryers explode

Danger, danger! And William Shatner, too

As we approach Thanksgiving on Thursday, we are reminded again about how dangerous the holiday really is. Well, if you have a turkey fryer, that is. This video has been out on the InterWebs for about a week now, but worth talking about in case you haven't seen it yet. State Farm Insurance teamed up with William Shatner for a series of videos about the dangers of turkey fryers. It's pretty enjoyable, especially if you like seeing William Shatner on fire (OK, it was special effects, but we can dream, right?).

Part 2 of the Shatner video has firefighters from the Illinois Fire Service offering demonstrations of what NOT to do, such as filling up the fryer with too much oil, using the fryer indoors, or adding ice to the fryer (hot oil and ice don't mix):

The sad part about this is that there are tons of videos on YouTube with people either doing a demonstration (like this one from a morning radio station), or actual accidents (like this one). I hope that people don't try to do more stunts like these as a way to get their videos to go viral, but there are a lot of stupid people in the world, so we'll probably see many more videos like this after Thursday.

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