Samsung mocks Apple hipsters in new phone ad

Is it a good idea to make fun of phone fanatics?

Samsung is taking a shot directly at Apple, or rather the "fanboys" who line up days ahead of time to buy a new Apple product, in this ad for its new cell phone, the Galaxy S II smartphone. Take a look:

There are some really funny lines in here, like "Samsung? I could never buy a Samsung, I'm creative", followed by, "Dude, you're a barista." Hee. I also enjoy what the commercial makers feel is the "look" for someone who waits in line at an Apple Store - they're all too attractive, unfortunately (where are the fat guys?).

It's an interesting tactic, to be sure (just look at all of us bloggers who will end up writing about the ad). The cynical part of me is like, "Pfffft", because I'm not sure the appeal of a larger screen and "4G speeds" (which is probably a truth-stretcher if you're on the AT&T network) is really that cool. Oh God, I'm turning into one of them.

I have to go look for some funny cat videos now...

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