Puppets, Indiana Jones and gift guide gadgets

Yes, I made another video...

Anyone still reeling from the time I dressed up as a bunch of grapes to try and win a contest sponsored by The Wiggles (I lost) may want to skip this post. Fans of Indiana Jones and puppets, however, should continue to watch.

As part of the annual Cool Yule Tools holiday gift guide (now in its 12th year), we created a video representative of the theme, this year being "Tech Treasures." What better way to showcase the "hidden gems" of gadgets for gift giving than to don the fedora and whip and start looking for treasure?

Anyway, we had a blast thinking up the different things we could do within the "Office of Doom", hope you enjoy the video as much as we did making it.

Don't forget also to check out the Cool Yule Tools holiday gift guide, where we have reviews of more than 150 tech products this holiday season.

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