'Terminator' contacts could be in our future

Credit: flickr/maikel_nai

Ever wished you could have the same heads-up, inside your eyelids display Ahnuld did in the Terminator movies? Researchers are taking the first steps now.

Researchers at the University of Washington have embedded an LED in a contact with a wireless connection, and tested the contact on a rabbit. Right now, there's only a single LED in the contact. Micro Fresnel lenses direct the LED light to the retina, because the human eye can't focus that closely. A metal ring on the outside edge of the contact acts as an antenna for wireless signals driving the display.

Since the contact has but a single LED at this time, it will be years before such a product is available, if ever. But the fun of considering how cool such a display would be, as well as how distracting and potentially disastrous, can be had right now.

Lining up for mine

yes!!! i want to use this. i hope they incorporate xray vision with this. this seems a lot safer than lasek. plus it has wifi.

JediMindset on popsci.com

...awesome....can't wait....so much better than the already antiquated monitors.....the next generation of Ipad.....

Boy Interrupted on telegraph.co.uk

WOW… I want one…

TechJLS3 on mashable.com


I could watch TV, browse the internet and drive my car.

robot on popsci.com

Great, as if current incidents were idiotic drivers cause accidents because they cannot wait to read and reply to messages are not enough - If the technology moves from emails to porn and xfactor then it will be carmageddon.

enceladus on telegraph.co.uk

Just silly

TORCHWOOD!clay laugier on mashable.com

The possibilities are limitless: eyePhone, eyeMac, eyePad...

Shibo Ku on latimes.com

So if this gets developed, and Apple adopts the technology, would that make this the iEye?

Cybegor on popsci.com

I'm going to be very angry if some lab rabbit beats me at Halo 4

Victor Rocha on latimes.com

...........SkyNet becomes self aware........

Alex Henriquez on latimes.com

Another step closer to cyborg integration…

Lori Gama on mashable.com

Why hasn't someone done a display using standard eyeglasses already? Seems simpler than the contact version.

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