Why Google should give thanks to Britney Spears

Singer spearheads Google+ 'celebrity acquisition strategy'

Here's a headline you probably wouldn't expect to see:

Britney Spears Is the Best Thing to Happen to Google+

That's from The Atlantic Wire, which writes that blonde singer has just passed Google chief executive Larry Page as the most-followed person (with 739,321 fans) on Google+, the company's fledgling social network that has struggled to grow since it opened its gates to the public on Sept. 20.

What this means, of course, is that Spears is the new CEO of Google!

Wait, what it actually means is that Google is beginning to deploy its ingenious "celebrity acquisition plan," under which Google+ builds a mass audience by dangling the false promise of interacting with Famous People in front of the rubes like a shiny, mesmerizing object, when in fact the celebrities will use their flunky-written accounts to pimp merch and primp public images to gullible fans.

It's a shallow, demeaning and deceitful ploy -- that is guaranteed to work! Selling celebrity is as old as celebrity itself. Celebrities certainly have worked for Twitter (and made Twitter work for them, the occasional blunder aside). The person with the most Twitter followers in the world isn't a geek -- it's Lady Gaga, with 16.3 million. President Obama is the only non-celebrity in the top 10 most popular Twitter members, with 11.2 million followers, slightly behind Britney's 11.3 million.

So while Britney's star arguably has faded in recent years, she now reigns supreme over Google+. At least until Lady Gaga gets going.

Here's wishing everyone -- celebrities and non-celebrities alike -- a Happy Thanksgiving.

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