Thanks, schmanks; give the deeply skeptical something to feel good about

The long but incomplete list of reasons everything sucks, but that even that doesn't matter.

(Calvin and) Hobbesian philosophy bit o' the day.

Just in case you're down at all due to any or all of the following:

  • The economy;
  • The War;
  • The Other War;
  • Unemployment;
  • Underemployment;
  • The political morass in Washington;
  • The political mess elsewhere in the U.S. ;
  • The empty seats in the row market Moral and Historical Leaders;
  • The Standing Room Only sign on the sections reserved for Rampant Self Promoters and Practitioners of Unalloyed Greed.
  • The bloody attempts to reverse revolutions launched during Arab Spring;
  • The ability of almost anyone official to overrule individual rights to demand access to digital records for no good reason;
  • The constant barrage of debates among a dozen identical Republican presidential candidates;
  • The knowledge that there will be 13 more debates – all televised;
  • The inability of science to penetrate the mystery of Mitt Romney's hair.
  • The knowledge that no matter how modern, virtualized, independently developed or cloudified, all information technology in the universe depends for security, certificate and file-integrity verification on a single, creaky Xenix server hidden in the deepest sub-basement of a Berkely engineering campus building, but no one remembers which one.
  • It is connected to the Internet by a single network cable that tastes vaguely like chicken and is often chewed on by mice.
  • That the ultimate answer certainly is 42, but we don't even know whether the answer is in base 10, base 12, base six-and-a-half or something completely crazy, let alone what the question is. Douglas Adams is dead, so now we never will.

Follow the example of the guy in the beanie and realize that even nihilism doesn't matter.

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