Job-hunt short list: The hottest IT jobs in the cities where they're growing fastest

List of growing IT skills and where they're growing; all you need is a resume and a suit

Jobless recovery has been the reality in the U.S. economy for more than a year according to Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers that show minimal or nonexistent growth from month to month.

BLS figures show the U.S. added 80,000 jobs in October and 103,000 in September.

That number of new jobs isn't high enough in either month to equal the 130,000 new jobs needed to to stay even with the pace of population growth, according to Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, Inc.

It also doesn't take into account changes in job availability within specific market areas or specific job categories, which are the key for anyone looking for a job or any hiring manager trying to fill one, Janulaitis said.

The U.S. lost a net total of almost 5,000 jobs in IT durring October and September, according to Janco's own data:

IT job losses in U.S., Sept. Oct.
Telecommunications 900
Computer systems and design 2,300
Data processing and hosting 500
Other IT jobs 1,400
Net loss 4,800

Source:Janco Associates

That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of demand out there, if you know where to look and you know what skills those hiring managers want., the leading online IT-specific jobs board, culled its ads for October to offer a more detailed picture of job growth in the 10 skills in highest demand within IT in the 10 U.S. cities in which IT jobs are growing fastest.

The hottest IT skills and the cities where they're growing fastest:

Fastest-Growing Metro Areas for IT jobs
City No. of new jobs Pct. Growth












21 %

Silicon Valley



Los Angeles









New York/New Jersey



Washington D.C./Baltimore



**As of Oct. 10, 2011    

What are the hottest skills in the hottest cities?

Fastest-Growing Metro Areas for IT jobs

Salt Lake City, UT Project Management 177%
.NET 108%
J2EE/Java 97%
Quality Assurance 91%
JavaScript 80%
Linux 63%
Software Engineer 60%
Software Developer 59%
C, C++, C# 54%
Cleveland, OH SQL Server 167%
.NET 138%
SQL 130%
Oracle 98%
Windows (all versions) 92%
C, C++, C# 69%
Software Developer 65%
SAP 53%
Project Management 51%
XML 270%
Sacramento, CA Software Engineer 126%
SQL Server 118%
C, C++, C# 92%
.NET 72%
Project Management 55%
Windows (all versions) 50%
J2EE/Java 49%
Oracle 29%
JavaScript 138%
Richmond, VA Linux 113%
Project Management 96%
Unix 56%
J2EE/Java 44%
Windows (all versions) 42%
XML 40%
Oracle 33%
SQL Server 33%
SAP 109%
Detroit, MI Unix 94%
Windows (all versions) 86%
Oracle 82%
Project Management 67%
SQL Server 62%
C, C++, C# 43%
Software Developer 34%
SQL 29%
Peoplesoft 259%
Kansas City, MO SAP 182%
Oracle 142%
Project Management 81%
.NET 62%
C, C++, C# 58%
SQL Server 56%
SQL 45%
Software Developer 44%
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 203%
Atlanta, GA JavaScript 157%
Windows (all versions) 103%
SQL 66%
Project Management 52%
Oracle 45%
C, C++, C# 44%
Software Developer 41%
J2EE/Java 38%
JavaScript 166%
Raleigh, NC XML 134%
Project Management 76%
Windows (all versions) 76%
C, C++, C# 75%
J2EE/Java 66%
Oracle 54%
Software Developer 53%
SQL 36%
JavaScript 126%
Houston, TX SQL Server 57%
Windows (all versions) 52%
SAP 47%
Project Management 40%
Linux 39%
.NET 39%
SQL 38%
Oracle 35%
JavaScript 131%
Dallas, TX Windows (all versions) 63%
Project Management 57%
Software Developer 57%
J2EE/Java 56%
SQL 54%
Oracle 47%
C, C++, C# 33%
SQL Server 33%


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