Linux Mint 12 'Lisa' hot new distro, will be ignored by a billion users

Ubuntu has ruled the Linux desktop distribution market for years, but upstart Linux Mint is leapfrogging them with version 12. But a billion users will continue to ignore Linux.

Linux Mint is the fourth most widely used home operating system, trailing Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu. But make no mistake – Ubuntu and Mint are a very very distant third and fourth in this race. Which is a shame, because Linux of all flavors offers a free or very low cost alternative to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and include the OpenOffice productivity suite, eliminating the need to pay Microsoft a second time for Office. And Linux wrings much more performance from older equipment than Windows. But it's been the "Year of the Linux Desktop" for about five years now, and billions still ignore all these advantages.

Mint jumps ahead of Ubuntu because of user interface issues: Ubuntu switched to Unity, leaving behind the much more popular GNOME interface (Linux names are always more fun than those from Microsoft and Apple). Mint, based mostly on Ubuntu, includes GNOME 3.2 in Mint 12, but also keeps GNOME 2 for those who prefer the status quo. Download it for free and try it, and you'll experience something a billion fellow users will ignore as they gripe about Windows issues and Mac OS lock-in. Their loss.

Mint fans

I've just downloaded mint 12 and installed on a test machine with a view to replacing ubuntu 11.04 on my main work machine.

Anonymous Cowherder on

I have played with Mint for years now. When you hear Ubuntu done right, it truly is. Try it, you will like it!

The_WB1 on

Is the Linux Desktop community so desperate for corporate support they keep tolerating Canonical? I am glad they are finally getting the message and moving to Mint.

kurkosdr on

Ubuntu fans

I would love to use it, I like the look, the only problem I have is a tool I need that works fine on every other variant of Linux I tried, WILL NOT WORK ON MINT.

Darrell Langford on

I've been a fairly faithful Ubuntu user for a number of years now. I've tried Mint in the past, but even though I've liked it, it hasn't been enough to pull me away from Ubuntu. Lisa might be what I've been waiting for.

linuxrants7xpg on

At first glance, I didn't see a way to install Mint with full disk encryption (eg. LVM on top of LUKS). That's going to limit Mint's appeal in corporate environments (like mine) where IT policies dictate that all machines use disk encryption to thwart information loss due to physical theft of the machine.

arcasinky on

On the other hand...

Linux? Seriously? LOL

tomakali on

Linux Mint, which is funded by a community of users is not likely to come up with the resources to needed in the new cloud based mobile integrated future. It really is game over for consumer desktop Linux.

RobinLim0bf7 on

some people have this distorted belief that this stuff really matters and they're supporting something HUGE. Not really.

stinkymeet on

As a person who used Ubuntu on my primary computer for 18 months, I can tell you it works fast, clean, and virus-free. Shame that so few care.

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