Is thermal feedback the next big interface feature?

Scientists make the "getting hotter, getting colder" game more interesting

Here's a cool video from DigInfo TV showcasing researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University using Peltier elements to create new thermal feedback interfaces. For example, drawing on a tablet with a red pen makes the surface warm when you touch that part of the drawing, or drawing with a blue pen makes it cold. The element on a game controller can warm your hands when your character gets near a heat source, or gets colder if near ice (in the game). Like force feedback controllers, this could add more realism to games (like when your arch-mage gets too close to that cooking pot).

The final part of the video, where they use the thermal plate on the chair, is interesting as well. Although I'd see it being used to play a game of Hot Potato, or a new form of Musical Chairs - the kid who sits on the hot seat loses!

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