Morning countdown: Deadly robot cars

Plus: A truce in the distro wars?

  1. Customer sues ERP vendor over 'big mess' [ITworld]
  2. Peter Smith: Don't look now, but Kinect 2 is coming [ITworld]
  3. HP unleashes deduplification system [ITworld]
  4. Chris Nerney: Groupon's rough ride on Wall Street [ITworld]
  5. AT&T willing to dismember T-Mobile to salvage merger [ITworld]
  6. Dan Tynan: Facebook's deal with the FTC: More privacy, fewer lies [ITworld]
  7. Microsoft calls Office 365 a winner [ITworld]
  8. Brian Proffitt: Does anyone still care about the distro wars? [ITworld]
  9. Interest in Windows 8 tablet plummets months before they're released [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Fogarty: Toyota's cool new self-driving car will probably kill you [ITworld]
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