Swiss Govt report: piracy not costing media companies money

Swiss media companies have been after the government to do something about piracy. The government studied the problem and said downloading movies and music will stay legal.

Going further, TorrentFreak reports the Swiss report found that those who download media files tend to spend more on media than those who don't. Even a Dutch government report from earlier this year, critical of downloading, admitted music downloaders went to more concerts, and game downloaders purchased more games. The idea that downloading replaces media spending has been disproved, at least according to the Swiss report.

The report even takes the media companies to task. "Every time a new media technology has been made available, it has always been ‘abused’. This is the price we pay for progress. Winners will be those who are able to use the new technology to their advantages and losers those who missed this development and continue to follow old business models.” In other words, the report concludes, entertainment industries should "adapt to the change in consumer behavior, or die."

File sharing helps

For Switzerland it's actually a lot easier to reach this conclution, than for say the USA, because we don't have the kind of over the top mainstream entertainment industry (like Hollywood etc.). Therefor we don't have anthing to loose at all, because for small groups and productions piracy isn't a problem, but being unknown is.

Magdalena Meyer on

Right now, it just increases their fan base, and get's stadiums filled, so they'd be all for it.

theonewhoknows on

Artists will continue making movies and music because that's what artists do – with or without the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry needs us, we don't need them.

tomlin on

Yo, politicians, listen up

That's how all political decision - making should be. First check the facts instead of just jumping to presumptions and conclusions made by lobbyists.

Bor Kolaric on

Wait.. what is this? A Government talking sense! Wow! Most of my friends 'acquire' digital content. All spend money on cinema, entertainment events, video games and legit DVD's and box sets of things they really like.

VonLipwig on

Massive outbreak of common sense discovered in Switzerland. Fantastic! :-)

Excds on

A Government doing research? Weighing solutions? We should all print this article and mail it to our government.

killnine on

The real world

A friend of mine who's been living there for 8+ years claims that all this is just talk and so is beyond the point. He says that a 5-year-old law states that ANY file-sharing network, including Bittorent is ILLEGAL. You go to jail just for participating in a bittorrent swarm.

Eugene Bororad on

Well, it stands to reason that if I was going to pirate their music, I wasn't going to buy it in the first place. If I like it, I'll probably buy it.

fadetoone on

Not surprisingly, no comment has been issued by Hollywood or the American music industry.

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