Animated video argues for killing the penny

Explaining coin economics in under four minutes

During the next month you're likely going to be doing a lot of shopping, and you will likely end up with more than your fair share of pennies, which you will either dump in the "take a penny, leave a penny" bin at the mini-mart, or it will end up in a jar in your house that someday you'll eventually either count yourself (yeah, right), or dump into a CoinStar for either the cash value (minus their 10% cut), or some kind of gift card.

As YouTuber CGPGrey argues in this video, it's time to elminate the penny. If you're with him on this, you should definitely share the following video with friends and family, as it makes some great arguments (which means, knowing our government, that we'll be stuck with pennies for another 200 years).

The maker of the video seems to be on an abolish kick lately - he also did animated videos that showed the lunacy of the Electoral College, and why Daylight Saving Time doesn't make sense anymore. But he also has tackled the issues of copyright, the difference between the United Kingdom, Britain and England, and the concept of Gerrymandering. Teachers looking to explain some of these concepts to social studies students should definitely check these out.

And if you're pro-penny, let me know, I'll ship you my jar.

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