1 million Apple iPhone 4S preorders on day one

Credit: Source: REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

All the sighs of disappointment that the iPhone 4S wasn't the iPhone 5? Over 1 Million preorders for the iPhone 4S clogged carriers on day one of availability. Desire appears to have overcome disappointment.

Yes, this is an Apple record for first day sales, even beating out the iPhone 4 (with a version number bump) and the two recent iPad launches. Adding two additional carriers certainly didn't hurt the order process. This time, Apple and three carriers were overwhelmed, not just Apple and AT&T.

The iPhone 4 sold over 21 million units in the last quarter alone. Can we expect to see the iPhone 4S beat that number in the last quarter of the years? Probably, since the fall quarter before the holidays is the leading retail sales time even for normal products. And we certainly expect, based on history, for Apple products to sell better than normal products.

Apple rocks

Do I start camping Wednesday night or Thursday night? Only question left.

Cascadians on appleinsider.com

Well at least there was a good reason why it took me 2 hours to place my order that night/morning!

thekaj on arstechnica.com

I'm surprised people are still listening to Apple critics given their consistent history of failure recently.

gus.branchesi on gizmodo.com

DISAPPOINTING. I expected TWELVE million pre-orders.

gypsumfantastic on arstechnica.com

Take that, haters

I thought with such a meh update, they would only sell 3 total /sarcasm

drifter71 on arstechnica.com

Yep, looks like people were right. This thing is going to flop, iOS usage will drop to below 5%, and Droids will take over the earth. Mark it down!

hittrj01 on appleinsider.com

"I'm so disappointed no iphone 5"

(we just presold 1 million units)

"Gotta have one, I'll be waiting on line on release day!"

geekymitch on gizmodo.com


The real question how many of these are new customers. Simply 3GS owners upgrading would not bode well for Apple.

Rot'nApple on appleinsider.com

While I'm not surprised it's selling well, I am surprised it's selling that well.

Happysin on arstechnica.com

Do the million and counting preorders mean we won't see news coverage of hundreds of people camping overnight outside the 245 domestic Apple stores?

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