The Best Steve Jobs Videos on the Web

Jobs' legacy was also apparent in the world of online video

If you were a fan of Apple (or news, or Steve Jobs), you've probably watched a bunch of video or TV already regarding the death of Steve Jobs, but here's a roundup of our favorite clips that have appeared or been dug up from around the Internet.

The 'Crazy Ones': Steve Jobs did the narration on the first "Think Different" commercial for Apple in 1997, which never aired (Richard Dreyfuss did the voice for the spot later).

2005 Stanford Commencement Speech: With 4.9 million views (sure to hit 5M by the end of the day), this is the most-watched commencement address ever. Give up 15 minutes of your day to watch, and you'll see why.

Steve explains Blue Boxes and the birth of Apple: Courtesy of the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association, "Steve Jobs discusses how the experience of building illegal blue boxes empowered him and Steve Wozniak to found Apple Computer." Thinking different, indeed.

Steve and Bill together: In a rare appearance at the D: All Things Digital conference, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates shared the stage. It was during the height of the Mac vs. PC ads, and a very engaging discussion.

Steve introduces the iPhone: There's a lot of other "Steve introduces" videos (iPad, Macintosh, etc.), but this is what really did it for Apple and its fans - the introduction of the iPhone. It's why we all sit around our computers and watch liveblogging of Apple events now.

Steve Jobs and the Apple Store: At a time when it was bizarre to walk into a mall and buy a computer, Steve Jobs showed off his new retail concept. Although it looks a lot different now then when they started.

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