Brit Bikers smash and grab at Apple Store

As if robbery weren't bad enough, some of the tough guys rode mopeds

Apple has a reputation for being popular among schoolchildren, artists and the beatifically inclined.

They're also popular among motorcycle gangs, at least according to London police, who said a biker gang smashed the windows of an Apple computer store about 1 a.m. in the ritzy Covent Garden area of London and took off with armsful of iPads and "other similar devices."

Police caught up with two of the gang, which numbered between 10 and 14, most riding double on seven motorcycles and mopeds.

Police recovered one moped and a bag of Apple gear in the possession, according to police reports, of a 16-year-old and a 21-year-old they declined to name.

London biker gangs often do smash-and-grabs on jewelry stores, using the motorcycles' ability to cut through thick London traffic to help escape police.

Though Britain has a tradition of biker gangs almost as long as that in the U.S., the phrase clearly means something different there than here.

American bikers ride big flat-head Harleys, rarely let teenagers ride under colors, tend to prefer the long-distance distribution business to retail, and engage in the occasional copyright protection lawsuit against frou-frou T-shirt design firms.

They tend not to crave delicate little iPads, even to sell on the black market (too high a requirement for customer support).

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