Westboro Baptist Church to picket Steve Jobs funeral because they're vile idiots

Church leader Margie Phelps tweets from her iPhone that Apple co-founder is in hell

While the rest of the world has been mourning the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and discussing his admirable passion, drive and accomplishments, the nuts at the Westboro Baptist Church have weighed in with a predictably repellent viewpoint.

WBC leader Margie J. Phelps (the "J" must stand for jerk) tweeted that church members will picket the tech legend's funeral because "Jobs spent his days teaching sin."

Say what?

One is tempted to ask for elaboration, purely for entertainment purposes, but hateful gibberish quickly grows tiresome because there's really no coherent point, just a lot of hate. And spittle.

The small irony here is that Phelps tweeted her moronic missive from her iPhone, for which she apparently received a brimstone exemption from God. Maybe her device is tethered directly to Heaven.

Called on this obvious hypocrisy, Phelps was unbowed (in addition to generally unhinged), tweeting, "Rebels mad cuz I used iPhone to tell you Steve Jobs is in hell. God created iPhone for that purpose!"

Let's hope God has a good legal team, because the patent trolls are coming (and straight from hell, no doubt).

So far Phelps has tweeted seven times about Jobs and the Topeka, Kansas-based church's plans to picket his funeral. "Warn the living: no Jobs worship! Fear God! Obey!"

I'll pass on those last two commands, thanks.

Interestingly, Phelps's Twitter account has 3,273 followers, though 3,200 of them are comedy writers. And Phelps is following 759 people on Twitter. Here's a sample:

* Conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg

* Author Joe McGinniss

* Texas Governor Rick Perry

* Comedian Tim Vine

* The Official Yahoo Twitter Feed

* Actor Tom Hanks

* The Official Twitter Account of defunct rock band Queen

* Anti-gay feed GodsWordIsLaw (run by some guy named Keith, who also runs the light-hearted Anti-sodomy Association blog)

* Fitness trainer Jillian Michaels

* New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

* Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

* Comedian Sarah Silverman

* Singer Dolly Parton

* Political comedian and put-on artist Newt Gingrich

* Hellbound U.S. President Barack Obama

* The U.S. Navy

* Comedy Central

The thing is, the more you look at Phelps's list of followers, and the more you witness her gleeful cackle when delivering her nutty condemnations, the more you realize that it's all an act! It's show business.

Unfortunately, her "act" has the reprehensible side-effect of hurting people who are already in pain -- the families of dead soldiers, murdered gays, victims of mass killings, etc. It be nice if Phelps would learn to juggle instead.

I'm amazed she hasn't scored a reality show yet. Don't worry, though, Margie. Someday hell will have its own channel, and then you'll be golden.

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