Adobe Photoshop developing amazing 'unblur' feature

blur_0.jpgflickr/.through my eyes.

Shaky hands make bad photos, but Adobe engineers are working on a "blur engine" to fix those mistakes. The plug-in tracks the movement of the camera while the shutter is open, and eliminates the blurring.

As you can see in the video below, the results are impressive. Listen at 1:18 to the gasps of the crowd giving way to cheers. Immediately, self-proclaimed "minor TV celebrity" Rainn Wilson yelled out "no way" and the presenter yelled back, "yes way." Two more photo demonstrations also drew cheers from the crowd.

This demo was at the Adobe MAX conference in the Sneaks section, so no ship date has been announced. However, unless Adobe executives are brain-dead, they will push the development team to get this ready for the next release. There are too many bad photos out there that need help to let this technology stay hidden in the lab.


Forensic police drama writers everywhere: vindicated. This is seriously cool technology.

benwerd on

Ok, that was amazing, he's a wtich burn him.

Kobe wild on

Been hoping for this for a while! The information is there, it’s just distorted. Great to see Adobe keep pushing this kind of photo editing magic forward. I bet the maths are crazy.

alanh on

This is amazing, I have a million applications for this, but my first is for that video.

MHKobe on

Seems like TV

This is like something out of CSI!

Mime454 on

Forensic photographic examiners do this today, and the results have gotten better over the years. They have only been able to achieve the kind of results from this video through a complicated process involving duplicate pictures, or retaking the picture with the same camera in the same location from the same angle.

Reginald Washington on

In the real world

To an extent, this is already available -- for example in the Topaz Labs InFocus Photoshop plugin. There are some params to play with that make it easier to find the blur trajectory when the blur is motion-related (although if you leave it in "figure it out for yourself" mode, it gets it right often enough). InFocus (the current version) will only do linear trajectories, though -- it can't handle curves as well as this Photoshop sneak does.

stan_rogers on

Most people will still pirate the software, unfortunately.

Stijn Vogels on

Well, no you wouldn't be able to zoom and enhance CSI-style. It'd have to have motion blur, not just any random unsharpness. Pretty logical actually. Some cameras actually do this already.

Simon Cederqvist on

It was funny. "This should be in the next version of Photoshop. Will I pay for it? No."

unreal37 on

As shown by the video, Adobe needs to work on this technology for video as well.

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