Ways your social networking profile can help get you a job

Prospective employers don't just take into account the bad stuff they find on Facebook

It's no longer a revelation that ill-advised photos, comments and stated lifestyle preferences on our social networking accounts can haunt us when it comes time to look for a job.

In other words, an unflattering photo of you drunk or hitting the bong at a party can be a deal-killer for some prospective employers. That's easy to understand, if not entirely fair. After all, who among us hasn't been drunk, stoned and naked in public before? Ha ha!

I said, who among us hasn't been drunk, stoned and naked in public before?

A recent survey of professionals in the hiring business brings this point home in detail. The survey is by a start-up called Reppler, which describes itself as a free "social media monitoring service designed to help users manage their online image across different social networks." So if Reppler sees anything in your online social profile, it lets you know before the hiring world finds out.

Reppler recently surveyed 300 hiring professionals and found that 91% use social networking sites to screen prospective employees, with nearly half (47%) doing so immediately after receiving a job application.

And 69% of the hiring pros surveyed said they've rejected applicants based on what they found. Again, this is no surprise. (You can see why people got dinged here.)

But there's good news: 68% of respondents said they've hired candidates because of what they learned about them on a social networking site.

Here are some of the deal makers:

39% -- Gave a positive impression of their personality and organizational fit

36% -- Profile supported their professional qualifications

36% -- Profile showed candidate was creative

34% -- Candidate had good references posted by others

33% -- Showed solid communications skills

33% -- Showed candidate was well-rounded

30% -- Looked good naked (kidding!)

Lesson: When it comes to your online social profile, keep it real, professional and sober.

What you do offline is up to you.

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