Morning countdown: Did Jobs still have more in him?

Plus: HBO via XBox!

  1. Peter Smith: HBO Go coming to your XBox [ITworld]
  2. FCC chair: Cut rural phone subsidies, build broadband [ITworld]
  3. Sprint urges iPhone customers to use all the data they want [ITworld]
  4. Feds considering single unified cybersecurity compliance standard [ITworld]
  5. Blogs now giving orders to Android malware [ITworld]
  6. Brian Proffitt: Rackspace to spin OpenStack off into a nonprofit [ITworld]
  7. SpyEye trojan routes bank info to hackers' phones [ITworld]
  8. Samsung says its Galaxy S II beats the iPhone 4S [ITworld]
  9. Attention-seeking anti-gay protestors to protest Jobs funeral [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Fogarty: Mourning Steve Jobs' potential [ITworld]
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