Microsoft Zune goes zombie: declared dead, then alive

Microsoft Zune, the "iPod killer" that couldn't, has been on life support for some time. Monday, Microsoft pulled the plug. Then Zune came back to life. Cue eerie music.

The killing of Zune hardware will surprise no one, since Microsoft has, by all accounts, been losing money from the start trying to fight the iPad. On the other hand, many feel Zune is an outstanding music player, especially the newer HD versions.

Microsoft, through blogs and spokespeople, declared the elimination of Zune products from company Web pages was a mistake. Does that mean mistake that the idea of killing Zune has never been discussed, or in the timing of the announcement? Many expect Zune technology to power the music and video features of Windows smartphones, so some of Zune will live on no matter what. Clearly there is turmoil in Microsoft's Zune department, so the bad news may appear soon.

Love me some Zune

Zune HD Undead Edition. I like this!

zak_mckraken on

I'm considering buying a second HD... Best PMP I've ever had.

Cylon Centurion on

In essence the Zune was a damned good device and MS pumped a small fortune into the device both hardware wise and with their marketing campaign

Mondo the Magnificent on

Too bad really as they were/are some great hardware. Not quite enthusiast level like some of the old Zen players of days gone by, but worlds ahead of apple in terms of clarity and a clean signal.

CaedenV on

Failed because of poor management

"Zune"? FFS. They couldn't have done much worse if they'd just called the thingy "Puke".

Vladimir Plouzhnikov on

I guess it was just too little, too late (and it never reached the UK)

Ian Yaates on

This haphazard product management isn't going to encourage anyone to make a long-term investment in Zune hardware at anything more than fire-sale/clearance prices.

jhansonzi on

Life support

It's obvious what's going on here is a little power-struggle within MS. Some executive killed it, the team who produced ran crying to some other executive, who unkilled it. The top people who really should be making the decisions simply aren't interested.

Gav on

Thanks for the link I still feel the error was the timing of the page going up - hard to accidentally write up a HTML web page

WPDownunder on

It's not Dead ! It's just resting.

Anonymous Coward on

Isn't Zombie Zune a great idea just before Halloween?

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