Apple's iPhone 4S Siri does funny but not knock-knock jokes

While the outside of the iPhone 4S doesn't differ from the iPhone 4, the inside does. Besides faster processor, the iPhone 4S includes Siri, the natural language-based Personal Digital Assistant. Turns out Siri is a bit of a wit.

Writer Joshua Topolsky wins the race to get the most funny Siri comments posted online at My favorite: "What's the meaning of life?" Answer: "42." There are other smart answers to that question, including, "I don't know. But I think there's an app for that." and "To think about questions like this." Another great question and answer: "I need to hide a body," to which Siri answers, "What kind of place are you looking for? eservoirs, metal foundries, mines, dumps, swamps." Nice to know at least one Apple programmer is a fan of crime fiction (at least we hope this is fiction). But no knock-knock jokes, thank you.

Since many people seem to use their iPhones more often for entertainment than communication, Siri may be the biggest sales lure the 4S has today. Siri, wave goodbye to the Angry Birds.


Funniest thing I've read all day.

TheAndroid1 on

Lol please please please jailbreakers get this to the ipad 2!!!

pkmaximum on

These are far too entertaining to be Apple's decision. Either they were pre-existing, or a dev hid an easter egg. Regardless, I hope they stay.

redthrowaway on

Software developers have humor too, you see! :)

DudeRocks on

Today, a friend and I have been having fun using the Android version of Siri (best one we tested). It understands 90 to 95% of the conversation we spoke to it. Also, it understands 8th grade humor type words and reprimands you by saying things like, "Would you talk to your mother like that?"

paul9290 on

Real tech

Thats incredible.  This is truly the first widespread deployment of Artificial Intelligence, not just Voice Control. The wait for Friday may be short in days/time, but it's gonna feel like forever!

Adam Reid on

As random as some of these seem, clearly Siri has amassed a ton of input data.

aresant on

Siri is going to be a great marketing machine for Apple. People will love to show it to their friends. And it all happens on the servers, so there's no end to Siri's incremental 'intelligence'.

Zakuzaa on

Yeah, but …

These are insane, I'm afraid to even use Siri now...

Larry McAllister II on

This stuff is pretty immature, and indicative of it being something Apple didn't build internally. It makes Siri seem gimmicky and highlights the programmed nature of the responses (instead of being more AI-like, as I had hoped).

mvkel on

Will Siri becomes just another fun app like Angry Birds, but wittier? Or is Siri the first step in publicly available artificial intelligence?

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