Morning countdown: iCloud syncing in practice

Plus: What are the most effective scams?

  1. Peter Smith: YouTube to dip into original content soon? [ITworld]
  2. Under pressure, wireless carriers agree to alert customers before they run up huge bills [ITworld]
  3. Brian Proffitt: Apache washes its hands of [ITworld]
  4. Social engineering survey reveals most effective scams [ITworld]
  5. Kevin Fogarty: Defense Department sued after losing personal data of 4.9 million people [ITworld]
  6. Eric Bloom: How to motivate developers [ITworld]
  7. Google almost licensed Java from Sun for a mere $28M [ITworld]
  8. Chris Nerney: AT&T buying support for merger [ITworld]
  9. Sean Parker: Facebook would have to 'screw up royally' to lose to Google+ [ITworld]
  10. Josh Fruhlnger: iCloud syncing in practice [ITworld]
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