HTML5 megaguide

In this 20-page PDF, experts explain all key HTML5 specs, from Canvas to Local Storage, plus the latest browser benchmarks and report cards on HTML5 support

The five characters HTML5 are now an established buzzword, found everywhere on the Web and often given top billing in slides, feature lists, and other places where terms du jour congregate. Nonprogrammers who must either manage or work with programmers are even beginning to pick up the term. Just two days ago, someone who can't manage a TV remote explained that he was sure his company's Web presence would be much better because they were using HTML5.

The five characters are in reality just the name of a document that isn't even finished. The W3C, whose job it is to build standard-setting descriptions of Web technology, has been contemplating the fifth version of the HTML standard for almost seven years. The latest HTML5 draft may finally become official in 2022, at least according to Ian Hickson, one of the authors who works for Google.

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This story, "HTML5 megaguide" was originally published by InfoWorld.

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