The most entertaining 6 minutes about Daylight Saving Time

Confused about fall back/spring forward? This video has most of the answers (and more questions)

I think this weekend On Sunday, Nov. 6,most of the USA goes back (or is it forward?) to standard time, having "enjoyed" the Daylight Saving Time since the end of April (or was it May?) If you're as confused as I usually am about when we're supposed to turn back the clocks and why we do this every year, the fantastic CGPGrey from YouTube has a highly entertaining video that should answer most of your questions (and without taking a side either pro or con). Although he doesn't address the question of why people often add the 'S' to Saving when referring to Daylight Saving(s) Time.

CGPGrey has a great way of doing his explanation videos, check out the ones he's done explaining what a continent is, and some of the complexities found in copyright law.

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