TV for babies a no-no says Pediatrics study

Turn off the electronic babysitter for children under two, says a new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Blaming any video screen, including iPhones, the study says watching gives no "educational benefits" for children under two years old.

This stance is actually softer than the one the same group took in 1999, when they called for parents to almost completely ban TV for young children. Now that the modern home has up to 10 screens, when counting TVs, computers, and smart phones, keeping young eyes off of dancing electrons is downright difficult.

There are two problems. First, about 50 studies have shown children under two can't really process TV as information, just flashing lights. Second, when kids are watching a screen, they aren't interacting with the world, or their parents. But isn't that the point at times?

I knew it

Proof of what we already knew: Teletubbies are evil.

Ars of Ares on

Kids do stare at TVs like little zombies, if you have any experience with a non TV kid as a comparison.

Nancy on

Yes, it will harm your child. Children can only pick up language by listening to people in the room, they can't pick up language by listening to the radio or watching videos.

Alex3917 on

Study is flawed

This is absurd. Neither my 1 year old, nor my 2 year old, turns into a zombie when the TV is on.

ndr on

But when he started the first inklings of speech at somewhere between twelve and eighteen months, he really started to interact with the videos and worked hard to repeat the words he saw and heard on the screen.

HedPhuqt on

I think the key take away from this, or other studies of its kind, is that passive media should not be the influential experience that a child so young should be exposed to.

dolinksy on


why do you think you have so many kids with ADD and autism.

hugodrax on

televisions are blaring in every living, and generally every bedroom, and the massive corporate interests that have ruined all of our lives are pushing candy-colored poison masquerading as education through the screens to our country's children.

Kurt Larsen on

This anti-TV meme is mostly luddite fearmongering intended to get joe and jane sixpack to stop vegging out in front of the TV and start being engaged as parents.

gandalf on

Hey, parents of young children, are you ready to throw out your TV? Take the middle ground and turn it off and play with the baby. More fun for both of you.

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