Google caves: will allow pseudonyms on Google+ soon

For some, it was no issue, but others felt strongly the policy must change. And change it did, as Google executives announced at the Web 2.0 Summit that Google+ will allow non-real names "sometime soon."

Since other services allow obviously fake names (does ANYBODY on Twitter use their real name besides me?), the fact that Google held firm for a real name generated plenty of news. Even more news just a few weeks ago, when Google Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt said the policy will stay in place. Guess he missed the memo.

Now the race is on to see how much Google+ will change with the new policy, if any. Since Google+ gathered about 40 million users, all supposedly using their real names, in about a month, will signups increase, or will they decrease? And why aren't the commenters happier that the policy they didn't like has been changed?

About time

My theory was and will be that Google knew they would have to eventually allow other name types. Meanwhile, everyone that was on the fence, relented and used their real name.

Zhenya on

If this is what it appears to be, congratulations to Google+ for turning around before going over the cliff. Yes, the preferences of a service’s users must come first, no matter how tempting a deal Big Brother may offer.

Trace Wallace on

This should make everyone happy but the abuser, troll, dicks etc. who hide

behind masks. My 2 cents that I back up with my real name!

Robert Mitten on

Still odd

It always seemed inconsistent to me that they would require real names on Google+ but not on YouTube.

suivix on

Hmm. Not sure if this is good or bad. I guess in some cases, people have good reasons for using a Pseudonym..but it makes a lot more sense to use only real names.

sarahgraceguita on

Still I think supporting pseudonyms is not a good idea. My point of view is — in Internet, we should be the way we are in real life.

Nure Alam Masud on

Too late for me

This is promising, but I guess I should wait and see what Google actually rolls out before I go and start adding content again.

thristian on

Google+ will be closed next spring when Facebook will reach 1,000,000,000 users and the Google clone only 100,000,000


Too little, too late. I've already migrated the majority of my services elsewhere due to Google's stance on 'the illegitimacy of pseudonymity'.

Swampwulf on

Do you think the reason Google+ lags behind Facebook is because people don't want to use their real names? Or will this policy change have little or no impact on Google+ going forward?

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