Morning countdown: A drama-free CEO transition at IBM?

Plus: Google will rat you out to the Feds

  1. Workday unveils cloud ERP [ITworld]
  2. Chris Nerney: US gov't sure asks Google for a lot of info [ITworld]
  3. Nokia Windows Phones won't be ready for Christmas in the U.S. [ITworld]
  4. Netflix losing subscribers, money [ITworld]
  5. President Hipster keeps up: Obama campaign signs up for Tumblr [ITworld]
  6. Brian Proffitt: Open source ganging up against Red Hat's cloud offering [ITworld]
  7. Get ready for Big Data now [ITworld]
  8. Google settles with FTC, will probably still be creepy privacy-wise [ITworld]
  9. Beth Bacheldor: The data center is IT consumerization's next frontier [ITworld]
  10. IBM promotes from within, names Virginia Rometty CEO [ITworld]
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