Can the Lumia 800 Windows phone save Nokia?

Credit: REUTERS/Paul Hackett

Nokia's struggles have been many, as have those of Microsoft's Windows phone. Can the two of them together create a winner with the new Lumia 800?

Phone geeks are excited about the look and feel of the Lumia 800, although no real reviews are out yet. In many ways, the Lumia 800 closely tracks the Nokia N9, a phone that won favorable hardware reviews, but suffered because of the MeeGo operating system (now orphaned). Nokia Drive, Nokia Music, and ESPN Sports Hub are included in the OS. An eight megapixel camera with optics from Carl Zeiss is on the back. 25TB of SkyDrive storage included.

No reason to line up outside your Nokia store now, because the Lumia 800 will be available in Europe in November, Asia in December, and the US early next year. But since Nokia and Microsoft need a phone home run, and this phone runs the new Windows Phone Mango OS, maybe it will get here before too long.


This is truly a stunner in the looks department. Nokia needs to get these on all US carriers.

BinNinja waxed his iPhone on

Wow. Part of me wants this to suck, just so there are only iPhone and Android to worry about ever developing for, but this actually looks good enough to consider.

rdl on

The Best looking phone in the Market

Sharafaz Thasleem on


iphone & android phone still better, sorry nokia-windows phone

linhland7 on

I really like this device, but the prospect of using Internet Explorer again really turns me off. The black Lumia 800 with Android 4.0 would be perfect for me.

juliano_q on

Am I the only one that thinks that this is probably the last hope for Windows Phone OS? Last I knew they had about a 2% market share on smartphones.

skeator on

Still think Samsung Galaxy S II is better in every count. Those who look for Nokia "hardware"=packaging are just snobs.

Mr_Data on

If only …

No front facing camera on Lumia?? Why Nokia? Skype is certainly coming to Windows Phone and you guys didnt put a front facing camera?

rellaghs on

Here's my dream scenario: Nokia offers the same hardware with two different OS selections and also has Qt working on both Meego and WP platforms.

plq on

Did I miss any mention of a front facing camera? Why wouldn’t a device have this?

Shawn Christopher on

Can Nokia surge back to prominence in the US? Can they push aside Apple iPhone and the numerous Android models to grab some mind share?

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