Lytro reinvents the camera

Credit: Lytro

It's not rectangular, it doesn't have a normal lens, and you don't focus it. Say hello to the Lytro camera, which lets you chose what part of your photo you want to focus on after you take it. How's that for backwards?

Promised in early 2012, Lytro opened for pre-orders this week. For $399 you can have what looks like a large square LED flashlight with 8GB of storage in either electric blue or graphite. $499 gets you 16GB of storage in red. The battery is built in.

Since today's “point and shoot” consumer cameras have almost as many software menu choices as Microsoft Office, the market may take to the simplicity of the Lytro camera. Add in the complete lack of delay when pressing the shutter (try doing that with your cell phone camera) and the ability to adjust the focus after the shot, and this could obsolete all other consumer cameras.


Amazing. Preordered…and I already can’t wait for gen 2, with focus-touch and flash :)

Victoria Docu on

Impressive technology, and I love the design - simple looks, simple interface.

Gary Patterson on

Please open your eyes, this is a revolutionary product and is only the start. This technology fundamentally rewrites the mechanics of photography.

tye45 on

Excellent, now I can finally capture that picture of Bigfoot.

dicax on

When can I get one?

Want! Want! Want! Must Have!

Lisa Crosby on

waited for almost a year now :) finally here !! awesome!

Hua Chen on

Excuse me, but …

If its so simple and basic, why is it so expensive?

bmisfeldt on

This product will be in te $50 clearance bin as fast as you can blink.

flamaest on

I don't think it will revolutionize photography, but I wish them well.

dmccarty on

Seems like a fun proof of concept at least - not sure I'd shell out $500 right now.

oldtaku on

Which way do you vote? A) disrupt photography as we know it, or B) Gone in less than a year?

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